Tire & Wheel Alignment for Cars and Trucks

How do I know I need an alignment?

Do you have a crooked steering wheel? Does your vehicle pull to one side of the road? Are you experiencing abnormal tire wear? These are a few of the more noticeable indicators your vehicle requires an alignment. On Target Auto Care offers wheel alignments for all foreign and domestic cars and trucks. Nothing can wear tires faster than an improper alignment.

Alignment for cars, trucks, and SUV.

Potholes, curbs, large bumps in the road, and any other road hazard you may accidentally hit while driving all take a toll on your cars suspension.

Free Alignment Check

At On Target Auto Care we're happy to provide you with a free alignment check to verify the condition of your vehicle's current alignment. Our alignment check process is simple, fast, and the best part about it is, It's Free!

What We Do

You may schedule online or give us a call to book your free alignment check. Once your time is set and you come in for your alignment check, one our friendly service techs will listen to any concerns you have with your vehicle. We will then go over your vehicle's entire suspension system including it's alignment. When we're completed we provide you with a computer printout of your vehicle's current state of alignment, and then discuss any further recommended actions required for the safe operation of you car, truck, or SUV.

Our Guarantee

At On Target Auto Care we take pride in our alignment service. All of our work is backed with a 12 month/12,000 mile guarantee. Your vehicle will be aligned to the same exacting specifications your car, truck or SUV was manufactured with. Nothing beats the smooth and quiet ride you get from a properly aligned vehicle and balanced tires. During the alignment process your vehicles complete suspension and steering assembly is thoroughly inspected to be sure there are no worn out or broken components.

Benefits Of A Proper Wheel Alignment
  • Safety! A proper alignment assures your tires all have maximum contact with the road for the best steering, handling, and braking performance.
  • Improved gas mileage! A proper alignment can increase your fuel savings by as much as 10%.
  • Minimum tire wear and maximum longevity. Let's face it, tires are expensive and alignments are quite reasonable in cost compared to another new set of tires.
  • Your vehicle will be more pleasurable to drive, with a lot less fatigue for the driver. A vehicle with poor alignment forces you to hold the steering wheel against the natural direction the vehicle wants to pull. On a longer commute it sucks to drive a car or truck like this.
  • Less wear and tear on the rest of your vehicle's suspension.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms we explained here, do not hesitate to contact us for an evaluation of your tires to help check for signs of your vehicle's misalignment.

And remember, with every purchase of a new set of tires from On Target Auto Care, you'll always get a computer print out of your vehicle's current alignment status to help protect your investment.